Being the little dicked nobody you are,
its very reasonable to expect that I will ignore you or even forget you exist.
Like allllllll the time.

So what is the best way to keep Me interested and looking in your puny little direction.?

By SPOILING ME, of course.

Dont know where to start.!

Heres some tips  to helpyou secure a nice spot in My memory.


1. Go BIG or Go Home.
- Cant decide which gift/tribute I’d like the most.? Go for the BIGGEST price tag. The bigger the price, the bigger My pretty smile gets. And thats ALWAYS the goal.

2. Thoughtful gifts really count.!
For Me, there is nothing like getting Me something that proves you took the time to listen to Me and figure out what I truly desire. A true subbie will pay close attention to every word I say, waiting for a chance to really impress Me with a gift/tribute I REALLY want. you know, like a good boy should.