Hiya, My little puppies.!

All the silly males who approach Me 
are usually stupid horny morons, by default. 
 No matter where I am or how I met them, 
they are all wired in the same predictably idiotic way.
They see My power, My beauty and they lose all sense of themselves. 
 Ultimately, fumbling the ball when it comes to impressing Me. 

 So, because I am so generous and AWESOME,
 I decided that a little slave ethics cheatsheet might do you losers some good.


1. Conversation is key

As an incredibly intelligent Woman,
I have a taste for a certain type of subbie. One who has the tongue, the words, and the knowledge to succeed in keeping My attention past a few messages.

2. Kiss My ass.

I suggest you try your hardest to
think of what you can actually do for Me.
What skills do you possess that I can use, reuse and misuse? Cash and Gifts are a given, but can you type or market or star in videos.? You will need to think of all of that BEFORE messaging Me.

3. Generosity matters.

If you happen to have no skills 
that I could exploit,
then you must at least possess a 
generous heart for Me to abuse.
And what this specifically means for you is 
do whatever you need to do in order to sacrifice for Me. Retaining My attention means knowing how to show you appreciate and adore Me completely.

4. Flatter me to death.

All you need to do to gain a bit of My attention 
is to appeal to My beautifully big ego, and make sure to get Me to giggle in the process. 

With Me, you can NEVER go wrong being a funny little brown nosing ass kisser. Kiss My ass until I like you enough to waste any attention on you.

In the end, It’s never been about you, 
and it will never be about you. 
It will always be about Me, what I want, and what you can do for Me.
 And if you do good, you will be rewarded. 

And if you are smart enough, 
you will really familiarize yourself with these four very simple basic principles.

One Greedy Bitch.