I know you have been waiting a while for this
but first things first,
Get. On. Your. Knees. Bitch…

See, you look so much better down there.

Now that you are in the correct position, let’s get down to business.
you are here for a reason, you're aching to serve and finally have some purpose.

And of course, you found Me, the Perfect Goddess to serve.
But how will you even get Me to notice little ol’ you.?

Well, the answer to that is very simple.

BOW DOWN and submit to My power.!
SPOIL ME until you are drained.!
DRESS UP and train to be My slutty Bimbo.!
LOCK THAT CLITTY UP and give Me the KEY.!
ENTERTAIN ME while I humiliate you.!

There are endless ways for you to be of use to Me,
you better get started, puppy.!!

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